International Tournament Of Draughts Programs 2019

Par Krzysztof Grzelak – le 15/04/19 à 16h46Informations

I am pleased to invite everyone to the tournament “ International Tournament Of Draughts Programs 2019 “. The tournament will be played from 01.05.2019 to 09.05.2019, the tournament will be played by a Swiss system consisting of nine rounds, time for a game 20 minutes + 15 second for 75 moves. The entire tournament can be watched live online. More information about the tournament invite you to visit sites: ... eGames.php

A huge and heartfelt thank you to Hendrik Veenstra.

Special thanks
Bartosz Socha, Marcel Kosters, Jacek Pawlicki, Adam Cury?o.

Special thanks for programmers
Ed Gilbert, Jelle Wiersma, Bert Tuyt, Michel Grimminck, Vasily Naumik, Alexey Odnoklubov, Victor Naumik, Adri Vermeulen, Harm Jetten, Fabien Letouzey, Stef Keetman, Gerard Taille, Jan Jaap Van Horssen, Rein Halbersma, Klaas Bor, A.Presman and other programmers I have not mentioned.

Krzysztof Grzelak

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Par Patrick KOPP – le 15/04/19 à 22h23

Hello Krzysztof Grzelak

Thank You !

GO SCAN, GO Fabien

Patrick KOPP

Par Francis SABAU – le 17/04/19 à 20h35

Par Krzysztof Grzelak – le 29/04/19 à 13h27

I have to apologize, but the tournament will start from 9 may and will last until 17 may.They shifted my day of leave. I heartily apologize for the changes.